Confidence Builders help children build secure attachments, genuine self-esteem, and self-reliance, giving them the courage to explore the world in a curious instead of fearful way. Fear blocks children from taking action, which limits their learning experiences and results in lost opportunities. Curiosity brings out courage and gently pushes children forward to take positive action.

Divine Friends are here to assist your child in difficult situations. No matter what your child is going through, they are here to learn, and those lessons take work. Sometimes this work can scare them and make them want to hide. Divine Friends are here to give children courage and build their confidence so they never feel like hiding again.

We are here to positively influence children's thinking until they build strong starting points and always come from a confident place, not fear. We want to show children that the world can be a beautiful happy place, not scary and full of obstacles. We will support you in transforming every anxious thought into a courageous one until you are ready to become a Rainbow Warrior.



We help children build confidence,

healthy self-esteem,

and courage to be themselves.