I am many things, but I am, most notably, a mom to an incredibly gifted boy. We are both artists, and we love to create colorful things.  

I like to call myself a Spiritual Illuminator, and my son, Zorian, a Rainbow Warrior. We believe in Angels and communicate with them daily. Our calling is to help children believe in themselves and connect with the other side that may not be easily visible to the naked eye but can be experienced through imagination and feeling.Together with Zorian, I bring you Divine Friends who will teach you how to build your confidence, take on any life challenge, and open your hearts and minds to the beautiful Angels and Helpers in Heaven. 

Sylwia was a daycare provider for over eleven years. She knows little humans very well and loves bringing the most joyful, pure, and unapologetic side of a happy childhood, both in children and adults.  

Zorian is a third grader in a special ed classroom. He is a talented artist with many brilliant ideas. He helps in the creation process of Divine Friends with great enthusiasm. 






We help children build confidence,

healthy self-esteem,

and courage to be themselves.