A long time ago, most people living on Earth believed in Angels. They were an important part of human lives, always near and ready to help. People could communicate easily with all the Angels and helpers in Heaven and loved talking to them and spending time with them. But over time, as our lives got busier, we spoke to Angels less and less. No one really noticed exactly when, but most humans stopped hearing them and slowly forgot that Angels existed.

 It's been long time since that happened, but luckily, Angels never forgot about us. They have always been around, watching over us and helping us silently. They respect our choices, and if we don't seek interaction with them, they stay at a distance.

We at Divine Friends want to help bring those wonderful, loving beings back into human lives. They have so much to share with us! And if invited and asked for help, they can perform true miracles. They love to guide, protect, and help us be the best versions of ourselves.

Divine Friends are Confidence Builders, Rainbow Warriors, and  Angels' Helpers. Their mission is to help you discover your greatness and to connect you with Angels. Our first Divine Friends are three pillows: Crown, Heart and Moon. They each come with a magical story that teaches us precious lessons of angelic wisdom.

We want all humans to live a happy childhood at every age and to never stop dreaming and believing in magic. We will introduce more Divine Friends soon.                                                                




We help children build confidence,

healthy self-esteem,

and courage to be themselves.