Angels know more than we do. They can see a little bit into every one of us. They see our strengths long before we can see them ourselves. They know what we are capable of and that we would never be given a challenge we cannot handle. 

Every human has different lessons to learn. We are all different, so we are presented with individual challenges. Your child might sometimes feel this is unfair and wonder, "Why did my friend get an easier challenge than I did"? The key to success is to trust the learning process and have faith in the Angels. Ask them for help; we guarantee that the more you do it, the easier your challenges become and less scary.

Divine Friends help you connect with all the Angels and Helpers in Heaven. Each Divine Friend has a story that will transport you into a magical world where nothing is impossible. They are your friends, support system, and reminders of numerous things that can make life on Earth easier and more enjoyable.

 Divine Friends want to keep you in a positive vibration where you feel safe and loved. They are here to help bring you peace, harmony, and joy.




We help children build confidence,

healthy self-esteem,

and courage to be themselves.